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Đánh giá từ Misaka Light Industry Co., Ltd.

Misaka Light Industry Co., Ltd. (Number of Licenses Purchased: 3DFovi (2)) Use for Resin Molding Estimated Man-hours Halving

Estimated man-hours of plastic molded products halved! It is now even possible to propose to the manufacturer.

Company introduction

Misaka Light Industry Co., Ltd., headquartered in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, is a company that handles plastic parts molding, processing and sub-ASSY. In general, as a main molding material of plastic, there are a thermosetting resin and a thermoplastic resin which has to mold separately, but in Misaka Light Industry it is possible to mold two different materials on the same factory premises, it is our advantage that we can correspond widely. Utilizing this strength, we provide products to a number of industries including automobile parts (interior lamps), food trays for schools and hospitals, electronics and construction materials, especially for food trays used for business use; we are a number one manufacturer in Japan. “It is our job to form something from nothing!” I asked Mr. Sakaguchi, President and Representative Director, about the background of introducing “3DFovi”.

Please tell me how you get to know C’set product

I got to know about the product from a business matching business meeting organized by the bank.

What was your problem before the introduction of the product?

First of all, in the case of plastic molded products, the weight of the product is the most important factor in determining the estimated price. However, as shapes to be molded are becoming more complicated recently, accurate weight cannot be calculated only with 2D drawings. There is also a case where customers tend to emphasize prices, so price negotiation becomes difficult if the calculation basis remains unclear. Next, in the past, as it was only done by the manufacturer, recently there are increasing cases that you have to confirm here whether the product meets the requirement for molding with a mold or not, especially undercut. It is necessary to grasp properly such as existence or not. When it became a complicated shape, it was difficult to see the structure and details of the product in the 2D drawing.

How was the effect after the introduction?

More than anything, we can now calculate weight accurately and quickly. Even though we had figured out from actual results of parts of similar shape and calculations on desk, we have halved it in time. In addition, as the structure such as the cross section of the product can be seen in detail by the clipping function, it helps to grasp the undercut shape. Until now, there was something only known at the mold design stage, so it took time to negotiate and adjust between the manufacturer’s product designer and the mold maker, but now we can grasp it in advance at our company. By doing so, times are reduced by approximately 50%. In addition, if you know the parts that are problematic in terms of forming requirements at the initial stage of design, you can also review the design or review the mold structure before you can offer it to the customer.

What do you expect in the future?

In the future, I felt that I wanted to modify the product shape with 3DCAD etc. and propose it to customers. It is also the next goal that I came out by introducing “3DFovi” and seeing the 3D shape, so I think that being able to see first is very important. It would help a lot if you can make C’set product downloading and installation procedures a little more simple.  (Laugh)

Company profile

Misaka Light Industry Co., Ltd.
Head office: Mie Prefecture Yokkaichi City Shimoashi-machi 309-11
Establishment: October 20, 1981
Capital: 10 million yen
Number of Employees: 60
Base: 2 domestic bases (Yokkaichi, Nagoya)
One overseas location (China Dalian)